Q.  Why do I need to have my touring caravan/motor home serviced?

Your leisure vehicle needs to be regularly serviced to ensure road worthiness and the habitation areas need regular inspections to make sure there has been no deterioration.

Q. How often should I get my tyres changed?

It is recommended that you should have your tourer or motor home tyres changed every seven years. This is in line with the British Tyre Manufacturers Association (BTMA) guidelines.

Q. How long will the service take to complete?

A motor home habitation service will usually take around three hours. A single axle tourer service will take around four hours, or a little longer for a twin axle tourer.

Q. During the service, will the gas appliances in my tourer or motor home also be serviced?

Gas appliances will be safety checked but not serviced as part of the basic service; you can ask for this to be carried out (at an extra cost).

Q. How important is it to service a gas-fueled appliance?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger – in the home and in a leisure vehicle. So owners should have their motorhome or tourer’s gas appliances serviced annually by a competent gas engineer and should consider using an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

Q. What is an EICR ?

The Electrical Safety Council recommends caravans should undergo periodic testing at least once every three years and the two consumer Clubs endorse this view – an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is issued following completion of the test. Testing is not, however, compulsory.

Q. Is bulb replacement covered on a service?
Yes, but depending on how easy the bulb is to replace, you may incur a small charge.